Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack comparison

Here it is everyone’s most-asked question:

Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack?

All in One SEO Pack SEO yoast, and comparison of it with the light of the specific categories below, I did. Which one you choose, decide for yourself. Pleasant reading …

Installation and Setup

Personally Yoast the SEO user interface comes a little better for me, because it looks cleaner and better organized. However, in General, both candidates are enjoying a fantastic job.

Social media optimizayonu

Both plug-ins offer extensive support for social networking and social networking can add any important information to your content. Damage caused by the installation of SEO, yoast, the All in One SEO Pack offers much more control, but for those who have less experience in this situation can be overwhelming.

Content Optimization

Both the output of search engines content in a fast and easy way. All in One SEO Pack, although you to specify headings and descriptions, Yoast SEO beats the shit out of. All in One SEO Pack ‘, as, for example, content analysis tool in SEO, Yoast, or SEO score.

Xml Sitemaps

It can classify your site before adding your content to the search engines primarily index (indexing). Sitemaps is a great tool for this, because basically, your website provides the road map and how exactly your site to search engines indeksleyeceğini. Both plug-ins that create the site map and search engines submission.

Yoast in SEO, XML Sitemaps has its own options for the menu item.
Site maps are enabled by default when you add each content to your site and automatically generated and updated. Plus, this situation occurs, the plugin tells it to search engines. From the settings menu, you can view your site map, author archives, and may add other article types can exclude and taxonomy, you can configure how to handle you. Child’s play!..

All in One SEO Pack, XML Sitemaps is not a standard feature, it must be enabled from the admin features. This automatically creates a sitemap, and you will have everything to do with an additional menu item that you can configure. Which search engines are notified and set how often to publish your content, include and exclude certain parts of your site to add frequency and priority scan and index. Plus, the All in One SEO Pack, WordPress site is not part of your pages to our site, which allows you to add has a special feature.

Both the add-in when you have the XML site map feature, its use is slightly different. Yoast is ready, if the opponent provides more configuration options to users.

Additional SEO Features

Yoast, a list of additional properties for SEO include:

  • Breadcrumb navigation-Navigation Navigation the usefulness and it is important to develop the on-page SEO.
  • Bulk Editor-SEO articles and meta description to a few at a time, the post or page allows.
  • File Editor-a simple text editor built for URrobots.txt and .htaccess.
  • Import/Export-Yoast SEO, from other websites and even other SEO plugin you can import the settings from. Of course you can also export them.
  • Search to your site to Google Search Console Console import-and how to optimize your site directly from your WordPress back plan to see the important information.

All in One SEO Pack, a list of additional properties to include the following:

  • URRobots.txt Editor-enables you to edit the URrobots.txt file in the background
  • File Editor-this way, both URrobots.txt and .htaccess, you can manually edit to.
  • Import/Export-allows you to quickly share with other sites you can import and export your settings.
  • Bad Bot Blocker-prevent search spiders your site had Bad.
  • Contains information about the performance of your site performance manager-and the size of memory (commonly it may be useful to eliminate problems with WordPress) allows you to change.

In General, the list of additional properties that are very similar. All in One SEO Pack, Google Search Console does not import from does not have to, and breadcrumbs users time features allowing users to turn more supple. The plug-in does not have the performance, especially in the field of SEO, Yoast, which allows some interesting extras. Therefore, both the add-in I can see quite well in this area, too.

Support, plug-ins and Premium Properties

Free versions of both plug-ins support for the State. Only professional version owners can take professional help. Both plug-ins to make it worth my while to pay does not offer breathtaking new features. In General, if you are going to pass professional, All in One SEO Pack clearly is a cheaper alternative.

Yoast SEO vs All in One SEO Pack-who wins?

The two leaders close duel between WordPress SEO plugin. Both are great for improving your site’s search engine optimization job that is the perfect solution.

Personally, I prefer the SEO, Yoast. I love the feature and plugin content analysis never disappoint me. Yoast, it seems to me much more orderly, clean and has a completely user friendly packaging. However, because of his strong features and customization options, and those who prefer the All in One SEO Pack.

Decide on which one to use is up to you and depends on your expectations, as usual. Many people prefer these plugins in different web site or does not use any of the different alternatives.

So, which do you prefer and why the add-on? Do you use something completely different? Please share with me in the comments section below!

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