I am Yasin NAR.

I studied elementary, secondary school and high school in istanbul. I graduated from Marmara University in Electronics and Computer Education (in English).

I applied for the master program in 2011 to three public universities Marmara University, Yildiz Technical University and Gebze Institute of Technology (GIT). My applications were accepted by all of them. I prefered GIT established with the aim of the masters and doctoral training is one of the two higher education institutes in Turkey because it gave student a freedom to choose the desired lesson from course list and in this way an opportunity to create your own course schedule. That is very important for the students working at the same time.

After I finished lecture phase successfully, for master thesis research in the result of a year long correspondence I got accepted  into University Campus Suffolk in England. On the one hand I was researching for master thesis in University Campus Suffolk, on the other hand I joined the University’s MBA program. In the scope of MBA, I took MBA courses such as Contemporary issues in the Business Environment, Global Economic Trends, Strategic Change Management, Research Methods and passed all of them successfully. In the UK, there is no exam in the master level. I prepared projects during MBA program and made all my projects on Apple Inc. company. In these projects, I analyzed Apple from A to Z by making Apple’s Strategic Analysis. I revealed the current and future business strategies of Apple. I did a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, Threats) for Apple. I did an industry analysis. I investigated the development of IT industry in which Apple is located. I revelaed Apple’s organizational structure, products, Apple’s economic situation according to years accompanied by graphs and tables, and reviewed how Apple deals with its problems and develop its strong sides. I made suggestions about the future to Apple. I’ve been very happy because I see that when Apple applied some of these suggestions, it got the successful results (increasing the number of stores and product range such as producing wide-screen products…) That improves I made how accurate observations and I think Apple can maintain its success as long as it notice my other suggestions.

I returned to Turkey in 2013. I made my master thesis on the marketing strategies increasing sales in Information & Communication Technologies sector. Now I continue my doctorate education at Gebze Institute of Technology.

Firstly I started to work for Teknosa as an intern in IT department while I was studying in University. I dealed with the hardware and software solutions here. After graduation from university, I continued working as Information Technologies Teacher and then Department Head in the Ministry of National Education.

After military service, I worked for Turkey’s largest information technology academy as a consultant of Corporate Office. I gave training and consulting services to many national and international companies such as Vodafone, Turkcell, Arçelik, Citibank. Here I had a chance to know marketing and sales area which I’m going to pass on and progress in later. Then I started to work as a sales and marketing expert for a software company, I brought a timetable software product that is used  by 150 thousand institutions in 173 countries, to Turkey by performing all business negotiation and correspondence process with headquarter abroad.

Now, I continue my business life and academic career.

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