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We all have a dream. Some of us like to change their jobs, some of us who want to get married, we House some of us … When we look around us we see the people with our dream imrenir, Interior.

So what do we do to keep close to the Interior of your dream like every person cannot perform the unhappiness we just leave ourselves or we’re going to fight to accomplish our dreams?

Their dreams are unfulfilled people who do nothing but throw into it; the change in behavior, non-innovative, life itself is drawn out of the circle to take the risk to non-courage, who didn’t like to take risks, do not leave the secure environment where, the fear of losing his place to fail is the people. For this reason always spouting off about fate, finds flaws in the past.

So what’s to be done?

Professional Coach Eliz Dennis Schneider in recommended as follows:

When you specify a target yourself, when you want to really have something, you first set up your dream. Yes, you didn’t hear wrong, dreamed of before!

You want love? So how can a love, have you ever dreamed of? Now you want to get married? How would you like to get a marriage, there are no did you revive your mind? Or did you dream wrote the relationship’s properties? A new job? How you would get a company, multinational, a group of thousands of employees or more organic company, or making your own business now, it’s time?

Why am I asking?

It’s really what we want, we do not know to what extent their satisfaction when we don’t know us, we won’t be able to see the opportunities we face, that we don’t know what we‘re supposed to do on the way to the target, even what we can’t even notice we’re not.  The main reason I wrote this article to imagine not to tell the negative results. My goal is your goal, your dream in your mind where you live when you want, how to reach the conclusion that tend to show that he can.

Entered into the world of coaching since I want all details we’re aware of our, I mean really what we want, how we want to achieve the goal of knowing I witnessed the incredible contributions over and over.

HBR’s article, a movement of us friends portrayal of our brains ever move to the related section, even with this technique is used in the treatment of stroke patients are talking about physics. Would I recommend it.

One of the examples I wrote above, how we can do it through a try. Come on, let’s talk about “love”:

1. A person is not what you didn’t like in the/relationship, what was once foolish enough to focus.

AW you don’t like to focus your attention to rude people again and falls to people like that all the time you would lead you to believe. “I like the thoughtful, elegant Thin people” can start work, so that in this way, you will direct your attention and people who believe you will begin thinking about the numbers are rising every day. 

2. For you in a relationship and see what’s going on basic values in your life.

Friendship is important to you, you can talk to easily share a lot of things in your relationship to a person you are looking for. If your value individual freedom limits have the person who will make you pay more attention. Family relationships is an important value, search for people who care about their relationship with their parents, you should be happy you prefer. In short, be aware of your values, “how I want a relationship?” a large part of the answer to the question would help you. You can reach many places on the Internet to the list of values, select first 10 from this list then this by appealing to the number 5 I suggest to identify your core values.

3. visualize in your mind for the future.

“To imagine is everything. It is a preliminary representation of life will bring you. ” Albert Einstein

Immerse yourself in one or a few years later, imagine in one day. This could be a special day, a holiday or just a regular weekend. How’s your day with the person in your life, what are you doing, you wake up early in the morning, sports you do, it’s too late to bed, you get up late, what are you talking about, that’s what you’re telling him what you say, how you live somewhere, you’re going out, guests coming, are you alone … etc. These are, and so you visualize in your mind many details, then you must imagine a living ‘ moment, and increases your awareness and negative there makes it easy for you to convert your beliefs. This awareness and positive perception is that much closer to the relationship that you want to you, what you should proceed to achieve this, you need to do what I want you to know, too different. Maybe you have the direction that you need to change, development.

“Not knowing what you want! Let’s imagine, type, experience “at the end of the caption, it says. Full article can be found here.

So the most important and the first step was to imagine. Brain Science is a 1000 Word picture price said to no avail. You have dreamed that you want. And then what?

You must convert them to the target in order to enable you to perform something. Not if the destination of dreams Socheat CHIM. So, what do you mean convert to target? How you can accomplish your dream, find ways to write them. Where are you? Imagine what your presentation? What is remarkable, and how to find? Dream destination with answers you give to these questions.

The way the solution stage that your job any easier. When will time and which stage select. Every day do something about hayalinizle. One day may be more than one day but not necessarily make something work because repeated mental and physical activities, so the brain creates automatic models. So what you do after a while it becomes habitual. How to sleep with brushing just showin’ up causing discomfort and inconvenience your time doing nothing. When you get to this point does not turn into a reality of your dreams already inevitable.

All you have to do is convert the goal and have been trying in this way to imagine … Is to be absolutely indispensable rule “stable”.

He can even live people for dreaming happy dreams of when you do not delay.

Yasin NAR

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