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Hootsuite social media accounts with a single central is an application that allows you to manage easily. With this tool, enter the individual's social media accounts sharing an electronic one-stop-shop than at the same time sharing. And also on certain days and times you can set up before sharing what you want to do every day that he's taking the time to work to save time.

Reporting feature with sharing you can see statistical reports. What are the working hours of your visitors can see more, with the highest click-through rate and interaction so you saw your most interesting sharing.

How To Use Hootsuite?

Paid and free versions is quite easy to become a member of the program. URHootSuite.com ' a want after entering your email address, if you want a social media you can register with your account. The program, for up to 3 free version allows you to check social network. In the paid version, you can add an unlimited number of accounts to HootSuite. What if you want to integrate your social media account you select them. You are being redirected to your main panel behind this process.


Publisher button popup menu.

You get the "Send to …" and "Compose Message" sections. Summarize these sections;

The "Send to …" is used in the selection of the page you want to share.

By selecting the desired page in the "Compose Message" where you can write your message at came, if you plan to share the URL you see below "Add a Link" field, you can shorten the copying. Its the Visual with the paperclip icon located on the right side, you can add your.

When the adjustment is written next to the calendar icon paperclip icon for. Here is a placeholder for the time and date after setting the "Schedule," he can complete the installation.

Also publish your location with space Locator icon in your hands.

Organization Profile, Do Your Employees Via Task Assignment

hootsuite_organizasyon Task assignment to employees across the organization that you created in the task and property permissions so that you can possible. Who may be able to determine which accounts are managed by the. Adding specific tasks to your employees, definitions, you can determine the degree of control over the account. Which social accounts in the team by creating teams and with which people can determine which tasks can take part. But all these are Assignments to "Create an organization" button first, you have to create an organization.

Streams (Streams) what is, what is it good for?hootsuite_streams

Feeds, social networks can be used to interact and chat. Watch your audience to interact and there are 3 types of flow Builder to enlarge. You can choose your custom stream constructor to your goals.

Audience interaction (Engage With Your Audience): can be used for Twitter and Facebook pages.
Expand your audience (Expand Your Audience): can be used for Twitter and Instagram
Social networks as anyone when you are ready to add your own streams, then take a look At All Stream Builder (Browse All Streams Builder).

Feeds you can organize under the tabs. Every single Hootsuite account may add up to 20 tabs and each tab contains 10 menstrual flow.


You can also access the HootSuite mobile devices

Mobile device from hootsuite. When one does in an Office environment when you need to follow social media accounts from HootSuite, you can access your account through the mobile applications.

Instagram stream you need to install the application to your phone inside Hootsuite!..

Hootsuite to your post with Instagram (provide the sharing in instagram pics), is slightly different from your other social networks, because publications the Hootsuite and Instagram applications are published through a mobile device manually. When you send the post to your profile from hootsuite Instagram or to publish the schedule (schedule) release when the time comes, Hootsuite mobile application you can easily publish pelt with Instagram sends a notification. Click on this statement, instagrama and follow the instructions to laundry okdamcn published. So unlike other social networks instagramda a manual release.

To make a timely publication in instagram 2 we just forget the point:

1-your phone when it's time to get open publication publication instagram pics release on time to your application in the phone you're hootsuite Declaration by clicking connect to the broadcast time be made about instagramda account.

2-before you click on your phone from Hootsuite message which is to be broadcast from your account that instagram pics instagram pics account yapınki Declaration tıkladığınzda hootsuite app always allow directly in that account.

I mean the web application Hootsuite for the publication publication instagram pics on timing or it's not enough to broadcast. The publication will be sent to your phone when it's time to wait for the announcement and application hootsuite this declaration if the publication you have to do it yourself.

Hootsuite and Instagram Problem

Let's say you sleep when a scheduled post advertisement or offline. You missed it. Instagram stream is submitted.

If you are managing multiple Instagram account only official mobile app Instagram application Hootsuite opener depending on which account you are regardless of the session and Hootsuite opened will attempt to send the pelt to the account.

Hootsuite is the process of planning how big drawbacks Instagram and omissions, you see that it contains. But I'd like to say that this is the error Hootsuite. Within the constraints of the API provided by instagram Hootsuite is doing everything in his power.  Instagram this situation until the API, unfortunately I have to say it would continue.

Reporting and analysis

Social media experts and a separate importance for companies section of analysis and reporting. This part of the control panel of the analytics part. Available in a variety of report templates. You can create customized reports. At the same time you specify these reports monthly, weekly or daily as you want, you can have mail addresses.

Click here to start using hootsuite.

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