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kv1 Recently I have encountered quite often I want to talk about a virus. Shortcut virus … Most people turn on the invisible files and folders in the memory problem even though this search for the source of the problem is the shortcut virus. This virus in usb memory. Hides all files in memory and creates a shortcut to the driver name. To see when we double-click this shortcut, wiped out the virus we have active. You cannot delete this shortcut even though you get to your files. Sometimes it even hides all files without creating a shortcut in memory. So you think all the files on your usb memory has been deleted. Leaving me in a tough spot sometime this virus-how to get rid of some of your files and how I'm going to tell you again.

First of all, let's see how we're going to clean it our Flash memory:kv2

1. First of all, are you wearing your computer infected usb key shortcut. Taktıktan then click on the shortcut icon on your definitely not within usb memory! If we click on virus active.

2. The "Edit" menu memory folder "folder and search options", click on the view tab, and entering from the window that pops up. In this window first "Show hidden files, folders and drives" option active. In the same window "Hide protected operating system files" option, passive.

3. USB memory will consist of an anonymous in our folder. You can see all of your files in it. Here the files except for the pale (he's not our files), select all of your files to the main directory of the usb memory (the next level).


4. Now we move to the main directory of the memory we all files except for the files (I mean all of the shortcut and the dimmed) and select by pressing the delete key. Warnings or say Yes and we're confirming the deletion.


5. Finally, the folder and search options "settings in the back that do not show hidden files, folders and drives" option, and "Hide protected operating system files" option, we end our active and process.

USB memory is now clear.


6. These types of viruses on your USB memory to avoid smudging it again is "write protected Usb memory and create a folder to which you are allowed to write in". So how do we do it.

6.1. Before you delete all the files in the Usb memory device for backup. After you back up your files by opening my computer window with the right mouse button on your Usb memory icon appears. From the drop-down menu, click on the Format menu. NTFS file system formatting window option. Then, Start by selecting the option make the formatting that we close the window. Then with the right button with the mouse into the USB memory click on our drop-down menu, select New then Folder options we're creating a new folder. We are giving a name to the folder (for example I gave the name of the REPOSITORY.)


6.2. After you have created the folder listing to read and process the Usb memory and give the write operation. To do this, open the my computer window with the right mouse button on your Usb memory icon appears. Click on the menu item properties from the pop-up menu. In the Properties window click on the Security tab. Then click on the Edit button. The permissions window opens only 3 marked the trail we leave other options.  Read-and-execute-list folder contents-reading options will be marked. Select the permissions, and then press the OK button of the window.


6.3. Now we're doing it for the above işemini folder permission. But here we let the process of writing. Sub-domains to your USB icon with the right mouse key folder that you created and click on. Click on the menu item properties from the pop-up menu. We open the Security tab from the Properties window that opens and click Edit security settings window. Then give all permissions Okay saying we're closing the Windows.


Now your USB memory this virus you can use safely without a problem. You should be aware that when you copy a file or folder on the Usb stick that you create in this folder needs to be take into. This allows you to go directly to the file or folder cannot be copied to the Usb stick can be created.

To remove the virus from the computer is:

7. This virus is concerned many antivirus program doesn't work. Interesting thing is that Microsoft Security Essentials works. Free download and install and update from the site as well. It's important to keep it up to date.

Click here to go to Microsoft Security Essentials download page.

To find the computer scan with Microsoft Security Essentials and "Win32/Gamarue" say clean up my computer to delete the virus, your computer shuts down when opened will be free from the virus.

Now that your computer was cleared of the virus.

"It's amazing how much information you share with the person, your personal files from damage and the spread of the virus is around, and you will end up so much"

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