If you do not want to go to work when you wake up!..

One day you wake up to go to work and if you do not have a desire for work, it’s time to do something different and new. The main element of being good at something that’s against your inner passion and that doing so is never psychologically effort, you know. I call it psychological because physically it yorulacaksınız.

Teknosa I started with computing at the internship job in my life. This internship taught me just about myself: “I intertwined with computers for the rest of my life in a place I didn’t want to work off, that I might be in dialogue with the people I want it so I can interact more social work.” So don’t stay on after College Education despite Teknosa field I chose and work as a teacher of information technology on the. Then entered military service after a short term self employed in Corporate Office programs together trainer … Many people in different ages and characters I’ve told work something all my life.

Analyzing a topic to the finest detail, multidimensional thinking, speech, presentation, communication skills so maybe it has been many years, evolved over the years as it evolves. Self employed to study from companies in extremely good training with instructors and all the work, it will pay the company’s satisfaction after big numbers under the names of the salespeople were an awareness I have. Working in sales and marketing spirit inside of me … Put a new effort to perform her target was a suitable production for me. After all, both in training and sales and marketing will make you face your mouth well thought, you’d work to impose a information.

Like me, “those who love to communicate, to tell” is a job for a software firm for sales I thought I started working in the field of marketing. A guide about the customer and invest in the right one for the job, and it was great to watch with the return of this investment. Market research, pricing, business development as well as marketing things I fell in love. I said I’d better let me get that education. Gebze Institute of technology started in the MBA program. Give my all first year master course 2nd year master thesis research for a year to yazıştığım I went to Suffolk University Campus in the UK. Here, on the one hand, while on the one hand, the master thesis research I joined MBA program. I went back to Turkey in 2013.

Non-institutional companies, your workplace, your duties and responsibilities are most frequently in certain and you run into the famous flexible working hours, either in State or corporate company I work in my own business makes. Corporate international companies the opportunity to work is not every man that unfortunately.

I read a article “missing Everything you can do, but somehow, you must save the people,” he said. It’s really true … The secret of saving people before “How may I help you”. “Rabbena me”, because no one around you.

When you say “to save people just don’t get the immediate surroundings. A lawyer, an accountant, banker, doctor, so what makes a good job very different experience and knowledge I’m talking about people who have saved up. To throw their timidity to meet strangers “a smile and a warm hello. The key point is, keep in mind that the name of the other party, after meeting. After the first encounter with a smile from the inside out when you empathize with the name, you must appeal to people like ice will melt even has a spell.

There’s no way of telling what each new day will bring, but if you enjoy, you do during the day, when you put your head on the pillow at night producing tired and if you are a sleep health is in place I think you’re on the right track. Don’t you have the challenges of life, of course. Enjoy with your loved ones by sharing them with reduction.

Yasin NAR

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