How to remove "Category Archives:" text on wordpress? |

How to remove “Category Archives:” text on wordpress?

How to remove “Category Archives:” text on wordpress?

by Admin September 26, 2016

How to remove “Category Archives:” text on wordpress?

When you create a menu option in WordPress Menu If you select from the category, I clicked that menu option on the left side of the shape, such as a screenshot above.  Category Archive: “(Category Archives) starting with this expression causes a very bad look. This article and out of sight on the right you have to do to make it look like: WordPress admin panel appearance-> URarchive.php > from the list on the right or the editor-URcategory.php (varies depending on the theme) file opens, and one of the remaining line between the h1 tag specified below will be deleted. That’s all!

Some pages like this:
<h1 class=”page-title”><?php?></h1>
printf (__ (‘ Category Archives:% s ‘, ‘ twentyten ‘), ‘<span>’.</span> single_cat_title (”, false). ” );

Some of the pages is like this:
<h1 id=”page-title”><?php if(=”” siteorigin_page_setting(=”” ‘page_title’=”” )=”” )=”” {=”” echo=”” vantage_get_archive_title();=”” }=””?></h1>

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