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Learn the theme of a wordpress site

Learn the theme of a wordpress site

by Admin December 02, 2016

I’m writing about with WordPress sometimes. How to play piano! Ease of use, practicality, they can do this great opportunities in terms of content management system (Content Management System-CMS) uses the very popular institutions, genius. Microsoft Turkey, Mercedes-Benz Turkey, İstanbul University, are a few of them … WordPress, as we all know, is a cms written using PHP and MySQL. CMS are just not as a system of writing and editing the article or blog, can organize and publish all kinds of content platforms.

Different needs are produced according to what suits your own paid thousands of wordpress themes or download from the internet for free, you can start using after you make the necessary adjustments. WordPress, compared to the competition quite successful and rich features. Is a web site template software, open source software is being developed actively participates in the community. This is a problem when it means millions of people who can help you.

wpsmackdown.com as stated at the site of November in 2015 according to a survey conducted by world W3Techs used one of every four web site engine to WordPress. But if we go down a little more detail, while the world’s sites, CMS, this CMS sites% 46.5% 36.4% of WordPress. In other words all over the world, the site uses the wordpress infrastructure of 16.9.

WordPress is the most important web sites that use the component never MSHS doubt theme. Change the theme to change the look of the entire web site at a time. For this reason, sometimes we see somewhere in the web site’s WordPress site whether, if your wordpress site, which we wanted to find out whether your wordpress theme. Although there are several methods to find out, I saw on the Internet that I feel like I have a very successful web site: wpthemedetector

We like this site is using a web site is using wordpress uses the theme is installed, plug-ins (if not all) and site popularity score (Alexa Rank) offers us a lot of information.

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