Placing a Google Map Into Your Web Site |

Placing a Google Map Into Your Web Site

Placing a Google Map Into Your Web Site

by Admin March 02, 2015

Your website or blog, a simple map from Google maps, a new Street View image, driving directions, or you can place a local call. Your audience when you log on to Google map the homes they live in, registered users can see the locations, and more.

1-first of all, Google Maps ‘ visit.

2-in the window that opens enter the address search in googlemaps map (marked with red pointer), we will add the address map.

3-Adresimizin after checking the accuracy of the google maps screen gear icon in the bottom right corner of the TC. Please click on the icon in the drop-down menu in our gear-wheel Show map share and place (Share or embed the map) we choose.

4-Please click on to the tab (embed map), placing the map we will open a window and we’re not copying the iframe code specified in boxes. At the same time we add to the size of the map again to set up here. Set the dimension on the left side of the window, where we will place our site we choose an appropriate size and code to reproduce.

5-Kopyaladığımız and we will add the HTML to any page on our site the code mode.

To learn more about the extra Google map here.

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