Is being an entrepreneur or manager?..

We begin to ask that question in the University. Everybody’s structure and will be given the answer to life’s perspective changes. No matter which one you choose what I say below is useful.

For those who want to be admin

Developing and improving to a brand’s ecosystem and what is your age no matter what your past too late. As long as you show off your potential. Return on the potential that you have very high material and immaterial gains converts to a brand.

Not casually, by planning ahead. “That’s what we are going to roll,” do not use even the statement. How old are you if you have a work-related expectations, no matter your strategy and will carry out this strategy, short-term goals and these goals will perform logging programs. You make the difference your strategy and adapt to the spirit of the times. 6 months or 1 year later and require a value when it happens that we can not recover the frustration.

Remember that when you know there’s always the best focus on work and the best, most innovative. Scroll of the fastest path to success.

If this is on the way if you need to add value as a material regardless of the amount of this investment in yourself.


Position yourself in any position in an industry. And then make a difference in your industry. Focus on creating value.

Do not focus on the money; you want to make here is the new focus on a good image and reputation to the ideas. As long as you focus on always ideal. Markalaşın! Along with money already.

Alive network is everything. Private life, the job is an important enough to affect the lives (and a separate post I will discuss in itself). Reach is the most prominent element on your fast success, I assure you. So you will have the benefit of the network you have to do is enter in the environments.

Recognition, but you do not remove it from your life, your time playing unnecessary pursuits. What you’re good at what you do, or when for example I’m a marketer and efforts by making half your if you are having a different things you’re not marketers. What if you are doing it ‘sunuzdur. So what if you finish doing what College Division finish blowing up and head which which which job you are doing and the application experience ‘sunuzdur.

Interested in who want to become entrepreneurs

Look around. The world we live in is now different! Moreover, other people, other business opportunities, relationships … Every day is filled with innovative ideas to life than a business idea. More virtual, easier and more universal. Despite having zero business experience by finding an innovative business idea and a good team, good practices and processes can be hariika by finding sufficient funding. Therefore, in today’s world by establishing a sustainable model opportunities and being your own boss is not difficult at all. Review the values that are at hand. The current location, the network utilizes our experience, our abilities. How these values and how much are you using? In traditional models, and he has to do is not do institutions, media leaps, it’s time to get rid of bosses and business is maybe.

A very attractive the idea of being your own boss sounds actually should be considered better than the unforgivable material and spiritual, is believed necessary conditions is a condition that must be entered or formed a popular trend is to allow yourself time furya of entrepreneurship, you may lose your cash and health.

Before this decision, you should ask yourself this: is the right time to be my own boss?  If you have to overcome the deficiencies of this Eksikliklerim what should I do? Come on, let’s set up the thought of something to do we find after the company your father’s rich will be implemented is a thought. You must have a job and earn some experience there, so thoroughly learn the create portfolio company is to set up. I took the risk because it does not have any information entered a deposit money then don’t learn off outbound business, there are (for example, the founder of Haluk Read simit Sarayı). But God’s servant in this kind of success story to say ya is substantial. The healthy (I’m not saying that the only correct way) win a job, learn the experience a bit after you have created a sustainable model portfolio after you have made your mind company.

Everyone doesn’t have to be an entrepreneur. If you’re good and if you are satisfied with the material and moral keep in the best way. If you’re happy from your current location not a problem. Feel free to have your dream of happiness possess yetinmekle with those too.

Feedback, too obsessed with your head to be entrepreneurs or believe but restricts your hand and if you’ve got the dots you are having getting confused on your own instead of entering a burden you will surely find yourself a partner. Those who believe in you and your lack reliable, patient, might resolve your …

Brand creation requires good will, stability and the money is unknown.

Good luck in your business life.

Yasin NAR

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