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When I was a kid, ‘ what are you going to be when you grow up? ‘ question, “encounter. Seniors, looking at the capabilities of children’s movements, ‘ this kid’s engineer, if tall basketball players, such as ‘ get love to speculate. These are, in fact, are our first target in front of us. In the future, education and business life and pursue different targets. So, what should be considered when determining the target?

Target setting is the subject from childhood right up to people in all areas. ‘ What are you going to be when you grow up? “question has been addressed with everyone at least once. Later in life, ‘ winning ‘ the University, further, in business ‘ promotion ‘ challenging targets we will engage. The benefits of having a goal, experts say the mouth about Union. However, to determine how to target and target while being realistic is critical.
Psychiatrist Prof. The beginning, decisions Bengi Semerci, others on our behalf, particularly our own decisions as you grow and brought this responsibility is expected to find out. Therefore the consequences for the folds until you get decide I need to grasp responsibility. While the future of fiction is how we put our own targets and let them know how we judge her ruptured the reached success. Semerci, as a first step to access requests to the success and points to set the right expectations. Target not only desires, while putting conditions, facilities, training, gives recommendations and most importantly you have to be objective about our own abilities. Otherwise the sense of continuous failure, unhappiness and despair. People, while daily functions, can forget about why you’re doing this. Whereas people with targets, they have created a measure to define themselves. According to this measure, where the target person.

On the other hand, career success
Putting goals gelebilir Öte without specifying the target of the ongoing and successful employees. Personal Development Center (KİGEM) founder, author Sekman, says two schools used on the way to success. One of them was Archer model, and the other is the water model. Archer selects target, shot attempts, attempts to reach his goal by eliminating errors. In business this is the proposed common and traditional models. Trained and those who want to go to a systematic model success follows this schoo

l. Besides, there are also advancing the success of instinctively. These flows like water. Water stood in no time, ‘ I think ‘ wherever I go. The only rule, prone to keep from where you find it. Some people with high success instinct, without a long planning, books about target, can progress to the target completely instinctively.

Blanchard International Turkey business development manager Zeynep job experience to the target to identify quality Altınordu create and give life to the desired direction maintained an important tool for that. Today, few employees and managers sit around and devotes time to identify clear goals. For this reason, employees find themselves in limbo while at the same time with many things. However, the performance-oriented negotiations determine clear goals and institution-wide performance better promotion. Objectives of the agreement upon the person assuming responsibility for the target is encountered, and accountable State. Bef

ore you can specify the
target questions to ourselves we have to ask ourselves some questions. These are, ‘ what do I want to? ‘, ‘ what I want to do, be reached? ‘, ‘ have the right equipment to reach your goal? ‘, ‘ How do you know when reached Target ‘ as target to help identify the questions. Bengi Sanghavi is the most difficult thing of these responses, according to the answer to the question what I want to do. Determine what we want to do our lives provides us to check. In order to achieve this, focus on the subject to the request, the time of the Act can lead to success, consist

ently evaluate us. Goal setting different old and new generation about moving. The ancients, being asked what he was thinking, ‘ me ‘. They were taking shape on demand. The new generation is, ‘ what do I want ‘. According to Mumin Sekman ‘ what do I want to make a career, building upon established on ‘ like water, very fragile, because requests over time is changing. ‘ To ‘ is what others not on career and gradually organic causes unhappiness. Sandy, what we want and not requested from us, we do, so we put our characters in the Foundation. People need to be compatible with the character’s career. Sanderson, “practical advice, think as if in a triangle, they can assume a question on every corner. One, this is what I want. Two, what else does he want? Three, it requires me to ask what the construction? The intersection of these three answer set, can show t

he ideal career, “he says. Al
ternatives in the düşünülmeliLevin Therapy & Coaching Center Founder Psychotherapist Ebru T, employees working at the point of putting the firm, not the target objectives of their grasp. Employees naturally determines for existing firms to rise to targets. However, even if I can’t find alternatives where readers can reach their goals. For example, the administrator, aiming to become an employee, only his firm expects a promotion, in terms of achieving its target of limiting yourself. This person’s account or administrators rather than wasting time blaming, can change it would be more correct to turn to alternatives in the area. The use of alternative ways of achieving a target t metaphor explains with: an apartment building 10. floor a person aiming to enter through the door and you need to reach the elevator first. 10. Enter the elevator to get to the floor will have to push the button of the floor. As an alternative to using the stairs if the elevator is damaged again 10. You can also go

to the floor. ” T want to be when determining the target, according to people in the animated head. And how to get there, you must identify their strengths and development areas. This means that you must create intermediate destinations. Besides, it’s already attained a position as a target or determination of the quotation doesn’t mean anything. Objectives and some individuals should be placed in a way that can force themse

lves. As sorumlularHedef
working together to determine the relationship between the Manager and the employee also reinforces. Zeynep Agyemang, administrators and employees, depending on the target that they are equally responsible for determining. The targets are determined by the administrators, have not been included unless employees feel left out of the process themselves. On the other hand, employees, administrators, we’ve seen that in the commitment and passion of struggle. An em

ployee of old, each time you enter a new destination is given to yourself doesn’t mean you have experienced. An administrator, an employee’s specific experience to have important information about targets. In addition, how a directive in consultation with the employee and need assistance needs identif

ied. Akarma training and Consulting Center founder and behavioral sciences Specialist Banu Ganguli, has reached its goal of many people was successful, and sharpening. Many successful people, still good cannot identify the goals of all time on the running, living on it. When they reach the goal is not necessarily to people that advise to celebrate Ganguli, “even a small success, write what it is and what we’ve learned in this process or we make a list of points, it’s going to work,” he says. When we feel we are far below target this by looking at how far our writing and how much we can see our way to reach our goal, “he says. Whether the target is a strong

target ‘ motivated? ‘, ‘ clear and measurable? ‘ ‘ relevant? ‘, ‘ accessible? ‘ can be followed and when to complete ‘? ‘ can be measured with questions. ÖnemliHayal determine realist

ic goals you need to differe
ntiate the target with setting up put-away. Lose a lot of time people put unrealistic targets. For example, ‘ I’m going to get ‘ a target two training within three months. But it is current and meaningful to the target, it is necessary that I should have training in me. They both need to plan in the form of a 3-month period can I do ‘. ‘ Keep ‘ as a result of the large your target words like accessible targets is disappointing. Target’s compelling but must be accessible. It’s impossible to reach targets breaks or employees motivation in order these targets could lead to unethical behavior in the name of

Besides, it is also the target of a lot of people made mistakes. Such a situation is concerned, may not know what individuals is a priority and priority is not easier or want to finish things can spend more time on. Therefore, once the targets are administrators working together in an orderly fashion with the useful.

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