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Today, the use of social media we probably shouldn’t leave the House without even realizing it, every day we are exposed to marketing actually? How it has evolved? Go to the root of the development of marketing, let’s move on. First question: what is Marketing?

What is full of marketing and there is no consensus for a particular fact. In addition, the scope of marketing over the years has changed and evolved its definition also showed continuous change. Marketing is not static, since it is a highly dynamic science constantly evolve.

Two marketing guru Kotler and Armstrong has been described rather short marketing: “marketing to businesses in Exchange for value creating value for their customers and is the process of developing strong client relationships.”

American Marketing Association (American Marketing Association-BUT) published in July of 2013 last form of marketing:

“Customers, buyers, stakeholders and society in General; value of offerings (affordable quality products, service, etc.) generation, setting up communications (formerly called promotion), and to perform Exchange (formerly called pricing) is defined as a set of processes and related business activities. ” 

The above mentioned values or value offers? I wrote above in parentheses but we open it a little more: quality, service and price for the target audience, the right combination of customer needs at the lowest possible cost, and to meet with acquisition and use.

Not all personal or organizational marketing activities, facilitates the Exchange and covers only performs activities. These activities create value, deliver and in good terms with audience development and resume.

Marketing is not just advertising and sales activity, product or service idea before starting as planned and led the development, pricing, durulması and is about deploying. Production, pricing, promotion and distribution is defined as the marketing mix and marketing concepts is the heart of the. Because this is an argument for the creation of a mixed marketing activities and implementation of the optimal by executing a business covers a major part of the marketing activities.

In a business, consumer and general interests of the society from time to time, or even most of the time with each other çatışıp’s northerly latitude it is computationally infeasible. What kind of things in the environment that interests a comparisons is executed as a management problem in the enterprise. And whose interest need to act? Answer as follows:

Customer is much more conscious than before and much more powerful. The customer is King, we are living in. Everything you want on the Internet at your fingertips … Just a side street with a business rival, not even in the same country, other businesses within businesses, businesses on the other side of the world. Now it’s not enough to produce the quality you need to find the customer. You’re telling me that I’m generating 100 years there will be a different me is more expensive, of course, no investor started this year given the same your product. Now is such a time. So you easily can be purchased that know-how. So whether you’re a company, you face years of a one-year price you will encounter a company can stand even a different marketing channels can pass in front of you, because now we’re in the age of information technologies.


In this day and age, the customer is King, and the King does not forgive. Today’s customers are unable to forgive. As long as your customers make a mistake. I used to be a screaming, and the topic will be closed there now have social media, maybe a salesperson a little sound upgrade, maybe hundreds of thousands of people “like” as a campaign that you can swivel. Sometimes it can also be used as malicious. Therefore, the interests of customers and manage customer perceptions, monitoring is extremely important now.

Now we must act in the interest of whom we occurred about I guess. How customer-focused marketing approach by year that we will explore marketing we need to look to the development.

Customer-oriented approach; consumer needs and desires all marketing activities focus, consumer-oriented businesses and an integrated form the attitude of all the staff and adopt in this way, the best way to satisfy the consumer over the long term sales and profits we can define as a management philosophy is based on providing.  Customer-oriented approach, referred to as relational marketing. Relationship Marketing; to increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, to protect and develop, implemented as existing customers to develop relationships with them, and to keep getting more jobs and to receive orders, aimed at marketing mentality.

Traditional marketing more customer acquisition while focusing on on the relationship marketing; provide superior customer value, customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships.

(Customer value: the benefit obtained from a customer’s goods or services, the ratio of the price he paid, or when folded. In fact, customers are often the product as the real values and costs were not able to correct for customer value is actually perceived customer value.)

Relationship marketing concept of customer relationship management (CRM-Customer Relationship Management) I will discuss in another article on the subject.

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