The 19 marketing secrets which every entrepreneur should know

Imagine yourself in your field of expertise as you raised and eventually opened his own company. So, what happens now? Even if he knew a good job many entrepreneurs, their past marketing experience at managing the company and makes permanent kazanmadıysa. To achieve this, various items for things to think about. These items are just like a tree roots.  The tree can be fed without them nor can survive. Marketing according to Turkey here they are:

1-Market: start by doing research work. How does your product/service prices in the sector? Which area of competition? What your competitors are doing? What services or products they offer? How the Internet, which they use in the media? This information will shed light on the current market, you understand.

Differentiate yourself from the others: Picture 2-but after watching the evolution of you can concentrate on your own. What is your brand story? The thing that makes you different from other brands and private? Why do people work with you or buy your products?

3-Define your audience, Their Destination: a company’s marketing efforts were examined most often encounter error, not a target audience of business and everyone is trying to reach. This move away from the point of view of the clarify your target audience. Learn about expectations, price ranges and excited the products is unknown.

4-Select your destination: a new name before current define your status and choose where you want to reach. If you want to obtain details of these marketing efforts? As many times as you specify activating sunburn, it is also important to know your success criteria. Your goals as you earn money beyond general objectives, be recognized in a specific geographic region, increase the number of customers, your products can be your new customers to notify them. In accordance with your purpose when you create a record and measurement system, you can easily understand success and failure.

5-Turnover Or Profitability bit nervous about target confusion, Define time zone: each target is defined for a specific time period. Identify and share with your team activating sunburn, it is important that you explicitly specify. But time, into an element of pressure on the team, than to become an element of motivation with a rational planning, will enhance success.

6-best Yönünüze Focus: Brutal competitive environment businesses, gets the weakest aspects of the wound. Therefore you have to do to strengthen the weakest and the direction but the chance to express yourself in all areas, focus on your strengths. A business needs to know the strengths of both parsing and others poised to act will play an important role in.

7-your logo, your slogan ready?: an image that expresses you correctly, you have a slogan and logo. Different media, different rhetoric, the use of images and logos can be confusing. Therefore each gully is not necessarily the same as the logo and use say. In this way, your customers will be able to özdeşleştirmesi a logo and you will a discourse.

8-Make it discoverable: interested in your products or services are the easiest way to miss their find a secret place to hide! Your goal is, you will make everyone aware so if shopping in order to reach your target audience. Their way of life, it is unknown what they were doing and what time with your brand, be eager to meet.

9-Test your site on the İnternet: If your customer does not contact you or is unable to receive enough information when you called, forget about it. First of all, the right to work with a SEO search engines bulunabildiğiniz. Just not with the website, using their social media channels at the same time, you can increase your discoverability.

Enrich your content and Broadcast as many 10-Platform: content should be considered over. Today, content sharing is becoming increasingly important. Publish your content on different platforms. When creating your content issues to attract potential customers forget to weight.

11-Only Measure Specific time periods and the effect of Back Rotation: stay true to your destination on time, assures specific evaluations, you must make a habit of doing.

12-replace it with new ones does not hurt Strategies Work: in order to adapt to the changing every day commercial dynamic flexibility, you can accomplish this by looking at the results of the interim. Remember, sometimes it is important to continue steadily and sometimes the wrong way so you can return quickly!

13-old, keep in mind that your customers: a new customer win, reaching your customers and more expensive than the old and more cumbersome. Old contact with your customers. They’re concerned that they have received from or products before them as coupons, information, promotions.

14-Do Things Beneficial to the community: we are all the world’s a better place because we want to become. This friendly request, can be an important bridge that unites us with our customers. An association or Foundation to cooperate. When you feel yourself closer to the business or an association or Foundation do joint projects with. Your work will bring you money even if great prestige and recognition.

15-Do your customers To your brand Ambassadors: let your customers talk about you. You do it right, easy to position the brand, your customers will introduce your brand on your behalf and will talk about you.

16-Make Viral: nothing to do with the budget being Viral. Sometimes it’s a home video, video of the millions of dollars spent on more interest. Don’t be in a hurry to create viral content and copy. Most importantly, people create content that appeals to your emotions rather than logic. Remember, positive emotions, we can expect more viral effect compared to negative emotion.

17-lecture Class or Activities: these activities will allow you to detect as the authority in your market and increase your brand value.

Combine them all 18: no separation no longer online and offline. Connecting to the Internet and mobile phones, laptop, tablet devices such as the internet spread everywhere! Sign in to online channels, especially offline activities cheer and motivate.

Even With Successful 19-Thank Yourself For Small Olabildiğiniz: there’s a lot that can be done. A little encouragement, a little motivation and lots of creativity! Here’s the secret to the success of modern-day marketing. Also, whatever you do, don’t forget to measure at a time. Every experience, brought on by your brand or make “measurable” things he took. In this way, the method of which methods are not working, which works well and you can see where you should shift your budget. When you fasten your objectives and, if appropriate, to the structure of your business and your team or celebrate with your customers, don’t forget yourself and thank you to those who contributed.

Now he’s holding and wider digital media marketing place this channel uses smaller costs very well can capture success. Data from us for the new season review and summarize our data to us to produce creative and innovative solutions in the light. If this is not possible, both analytical and strategic and creative strategies can produce and that this time next year we can see the company’s wife. The importance of the early years for new companies and to be able to make a good start, considering the challenges we’re talking about very useful to apply the trends.

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