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Difference between Sales and Marketing

Difference between Sales and Marketing

by Admin December 22, 2014

Just not any person in the street is a professional job even by people in the world of blended, imposed two interchangeably is sales and marketing concepts. Aynıymış perceived as these two concepts actually requires professionalism and separate from each other is as different as apples and pears.

So let’s take a look at how come there are differences:

  • Marketing creates the need. If it meets the need for sales there.
  • The benefits to the customer-orientated customers, product marketing, benefit. Describes the properties of the product sales based in the product, sell the product.
  • Marketing includes the technical creativity, sales.
  • The production of the product prior to marketing, after-sales support, take care of the entire process. One section within the sales process and sales process.
  • So you need to have a product available for sale, marketing the product works before.
  • Marketing, sale provides the environment necessary for continuity and make it happen (head coach). Sales is that performs the sale of prepared environment (footballer).
  • If the money is spent, sales marketing company brings party money.
  • On the market long term, short term marketing strategies.

Although these two sections different company should exchange ideas in the creation of strategies, in line with the same destination should act in common. In theory, the ad sales, marketing, training, public relations, business development is one of the various tools. Even the most important. Marketing and sales can be established independently of any time, money. Marketing is necessary to it gets from the sale of each kind of information, this information is in line with the direction of the draws, after sales just as pre-sales continues with such promotional studies.

This is doing everything from marketing. Sales, the company is exposed to the world, is part of the most vital. Who, how many will be sold, the product, the customer purchasing status conditions, it is the responsibility of all tasks, such as sale, sale collection. In fact, without sales and marketing without marketing. Explain as follows; released without the right marketing efforts a chance of selling the product is very low. If it doesn’t, hence money made selling marketing work. Because it needs the money from the sale of marketing.

Although the Department’s compliance with these two extremely important contention among employees from time to time may be in question. The people who brought the money to the company salespeople are worth more, while themselves as marketers, including before and after the sale to the entire process of judges view themselves as superior individuals. In a two-part harmony here develop strategies to run it is the duty of the Government. A first two chapter employees should see each other as internal customers and long term business plans phase must support each other.

Writing a story with the famous anonymous want salesperson before terminating or marketer; well, I wish you a healthy, happy life.

One goes to a poor man and diplomat, “I can get him to marry her son.”

-Never appear in my son’s life… 
-But, Lord Rothschild’s daughter’s daughter. 
-Haaa! Then another … 

Diplomat’s second stop, Lord Rothschild.
-I found a catch for your daughter, my Lord.
-My daughter’s too young for to marry.
-But, this young man is currently Vice President of the World Bank.
-Look, then another …

The diplomat is right after I left of the Lord breath next to the President of the World Bank.
I’m going to recommend you as Vice President, there’s a very good young man.
-It’s already there, so you do not have the need … Vice President.
-But, this boy Lord Rothschild’s son-in-law.
-Look, that’s when it happened … Let him begin …

Here’s the art of marketing! 😉

Yasin NAR

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