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Good news bad news spread faster than a forgotten world of anything recorded everything on the Internet reputation management is one of the most vital issue for brands do. Özetleyebileceğimiz a concept as the protection of the brand value of reputation management is hard work. Your reputation that you treasure it so far as a brand, anyone on the Internet or your competitors by detrimental in a few minutes. That’s why brands and individuals is a very important issue for reputation management, I was going to write something myself about but featured a variety of different institutions are prepared based on the opinions of the good and I came across a very useful post on the Internet. Pleasant reading …

People/consumers when researching a company/brand online, not only to the brand’s web site or Facebook page does not display. Customer comments, blogs, forums, that are not reviews, discussion groups, standings etc. Everything is in front of the person in a few seconds.

Your reputation means “respected, valued, reliability status, prestige, prestige” as dictionaries. This statement of the power and importance of your reputation and reputation management explains enough already. And topics, brands, social media with the opening of more extensive and difficult to control is becoming a space.

Reputation management, is known as a public relations discipline. İtbar when you say many child discipline involved managing and serious expertise. From a very general perception from a SEO work considering we’re talking about, about the size of the importance of the subject emerges spontaneously.

An online report published in August 2008 in the United Kingdom online reputation management market increased by 30% that year, an estimated £ 60 million. Individuals (not just brands) to help manage their online reputation established the first company is Reputation Defender (now called in 2010, the World Economic Forum, Reputation Defender as one of 31 of 2011 technology öncüsünden.

Still, although not as personal brand or institution basis, although an application, Google will realize this sensitivity that user behaviour in recent months took a step on this issue, “Me on the Web” service.  itibar_yonetimi

The fact that it is the individual or corporate reputation reputation. According to some sources, they can affect the reputation of individual and corporate reputation, most of the time. Canadian Agency WSI Internet Marketing’s blog in an article published on 5 August 2011, Online reputation management is about 5 really feminine and this issue is addressed.

  • Consumers, business partners, shareholders, marketers, journalists, your employees, your potential customers and others … Everyone cares about your online reputation,. You care about!
  • People before making any decision to decide issues of search engines is not necessarily jumping through hoops. The negative results of the sale are financial investor relations, business purchases can affect every issue to your. In other words, can harm your reputation.
  • A person’s online world said can be heard by millions. Positive reputation, positive buzz supports confidence in your brand and ultimately affects your sales.
  • They affect your reputation and brands. Example: IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a Manhattan hotel at the cleaning staff is charged with rape. ” Your personal reputation also affects your brand’s reputation.
  • Online reputation management is a promotional, not defense. If you are as your brand reputation online if you do not get it under control, no one else gets.  You cannot control but perceptions.

Reputation management, is known as a public relations discipline. But when it comes to the world of social media and digital business the lines even more vague. When you say digital communications agency marketing and communications strategy can grow until the PR activities of the definition. What about Online reputation management whose job is it? Or just a job? Interactive Agency, digital communications agencies, PR agencies or in private ‘ digital PR ‘ opened agencies with expertise? Is it possible to draw the line once in a while? Or necessary? Online reputation management is just a SEO work? More importantly; how it’s done, is done and should be done?

That job belongs to a single place can not say

Tevfik Bulent Arora, Tick Tock Boom Is The General M

Tick Tock Boom since the beginning of 2009 as we serve. As digital short PR, online reputation management and social media monitoring and many were able to spend the first of about life.

Digital communication is all digital channels and from here we’re talking about a general concept that includes all jobs. Digital PR concept if you keep hold of how wide, located under the umbrella of digital communication, describing it as a key to more accurate breakdown.

Turkey’s first Digital PR agency as the founder of “this job belongs to a single place” I don’t want to say. A Bola, both in terms of technical information and communication as well as a number of very serious hardware expertise under one roof, we must also underline that the require to host. The opportunities of digital PR, social media, brand goals and strategies that you have created a comprehensive service we provide to customers. B beyond of this collate, in part only, you must be very good technical communication or not enough. This team of expert contact you host many different and each of them has a real purpose in compliance with each other needs to be running. As a result, Digital PR and the agencies that serve to direct focus on the boot.

Lately, in particular the large brands seriously sitting on the agenda of Digital PR, internet and social media as a whole, and of the opportunities their digital communication strategies has been migrated to life within the scope of a service. Online reputation management is a discipline.

Only SEO or just as Social CRM social media monitoring and detect false

Online reputation management, brand, product, service, and at the same time, management of digital environments of people we can summarize as perception and crisis.

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