Google-pre-owned-a25 March 2010 Google AdWords is one of the most important to date. Google, the desired action (buying, search, registration, etc.) to the users of the web site without performing to advertisers that their products and services to explain the birth of marketing Pre-owned internet advertising presented a new marketing activity.

Turkish “remarketing” Pre-owned, who previously have taken marketing activity on your site by targeting an audience again (Retargeting) is to make them remarketing activity.

Pre-owned visited your site, but the action you have requested (purchase, search, registration, etc.) out of its potential users to perform again by targeting them to search on Google, we visited other websites or mobile applications allows you to show the ad you want to while they use.

Made with AdWords remarketing, in July 2012, has been linked with Google Analytics. All pages of your website with Google Analytics code that is applied to your web site can track the traffic and you can target your visitors again. In Google Analytics, metrics and metrics available used AdWords remarketing list could be used to create this situation offers more leeway to advertisers.


“Remarketing” were interested in before potential customers with your brand “is” made by targeting marketing activities again. Requires remarketing business sector retargeting 2 terms used interchangeably.


Increase your sales or user registration or aims to strengthen the awareness of your brand, remarketing campaign is quite useful. Again, the benefits of marketing in General is as follows:

  • Is the highest order of the probability that users purchase access: users can access them once after entering your business interacts. Looking for your product in this communication, other web sites they visit, and can be installed in the order that they use other mobile applications. AdWords remarketing, while your customers most concerned to take your application to your website and provides the appropriate contacts.
  • The ad lists tailored to your goals: according to different groups of users to your advertising goals different messages. Pre-owned list you can customize according to your specific advertising objectives. For example, add something to the shopping cart but does not complete the transaction to show ads to people “that leave the shopping cart”, you can create a list.
  • Increase brand awareness and credibility: interact with your potential customers when they enter the many different sites. You increase brand awareness and credibility. Has anyone seen your ads on different sites the users “they advertise everywhere.
  • Large-scale access to: Pre-owned list search or on Google users who have over two million web site and mobile apps use the Google display network that consists of. Large-scale access is provided.
  • Efficient pricing: it’s like automated bid strategies Target CPA and ROAS with high-performance you can create remarketing campaigns. Real time bidding method; calculating the optimal bid for the user that displays your ad, the ad auction helps you gain the best possible price. To use Google’s auction, you do not need to make any additional payment.
  • The ease of creating advertising: Advertising Gallery for free using multiple can generate text, image, and video ads. Dynamic remarketing campaigns you can create dynamic ads.
  • Campaign analysis: where your ads are shown, what price you paid and how your campaigns are performing, you have to report about.


You can do this by using different methods of remarketing. Google’s us method are as follows:


Your display network past visitors (Google Display Network) many nonhuman web sites and have used them in their ad on display network applications.


2013 in June benchmarks initially with the announced Dynamic Remarketing determined different books about target. For example look at the product or exchange of the product to the shopping basket are targeted users, who are not complete, but that adds. Displaying users on your web site, products and services by showing ads with a higher level remarketing subtracts more you will achieve excellent results.

The difference in the standard Dynamic Remarketing and Remarketing

  • Standard remarketing, visited your website before, or have used your mobile application allows you to show ads to users who are. If your dynamic remarketing as crafted mass ads to show and visited your site before users start pulling sales to your site to complete the Exchange helps you perform.
  • So the standard is made more general with remarketing advertisements while users with dynamic remarketing products and services they are interested in ads that are relevant to, to continue their shopping.
  • Promotion for a specific product standard remarketing. For example if you want to get rid of the shark-shaped hat. At the same time, it would be very useful when used as a tool of an announcement. Like all visitors to markalaştığını will use standard businesses wishing to announce remarketing.



If your application previously used mobile or mobile users who have to crawl your website use or other mobile applications to other mobile websites while you show them ad companys.


The last method of July 2013 was announced. Search ads for their remarketing lists (ARYPL), users who have visited your site before they search on Google for your bids and your ads to these visitors is a feature that allows you to adapt to. For example, previously visited your web site users search for your products on Google you can offer a discount. Click here for more detailed information.


February 2013 announced YouTube with remarketing, YouTube and video partner sites, videos or YouTube channel with millions of users in the past, you can display specific ads based on the interaction. It’s called “video remarketing”. Users who have seen your videos or channel before if your message again, the more likely you are to increase your return on investment. Click here for more detailed information.


If you are using an e-mail client like Gmail, they ads based on the content of your email. Also once you have received the products from a specific site or after your membership of the site’s newsletters, sent an e-mail about other products and remarketing.


Social media will be marketed again from new marketing, ads are not social networks Google network sites. put down a product in shopping cart when you enter that product with ads on facebook.

Remarketing specifically used by e-commerce sites. According to Forrester Research, e-commerce sites, 96% of the visitors, does not have any purchasing activities. Here’s to take them back to your site is very effective remarketing.

Remember, your site new visitors from repeat users without purchase rate is 4 times more than.


Fit your target audience while remarketing remarketing to choose the minimum cost maximum advertising revenue is extremely important.

  • I have visited your Web site global visitors-but he certain products review visitors.
    Strategy: show the most popular on your site with Pre-owned products.
  • Products or services scrutinized visitors-Web site have explored your product or service pages but not visitors to the shopping basket
    Strategy: Pre-owned with screened products, together with the recommended product.
  • That left the visitors a shopping cart-shopping cart added product or service but have not completed the purchase visitors
    Strategy: show the product added to the shopping cart. For example “complete your order at 20% discount” will result in a discount ad conversion rate more like. Next to be examined and recommended a few of the products in the basket, the product can show you.
  • Shopping made from you in the past shopping visitors-visitors.
    Strategy: to the purchased product-related products. So are most frequently purchased products together. In addition, you can show the popular products.


To use remarketing your Google Adwords account, you create a pre-owned code. Code, is a small JavaScript code and do not affect the performance of your site. Give your visitors the code doesn’t matter.

This code (also called a label) on your web site, you must add the pages you want to lure. This code is just a page on your site, or you can paste a category. When each new visitor to your site thanks to this code called a cookie that person’s computer cookie is created, this user’s ip address is taken from the computer such as identifying information. This is defined as the person so that potential buyer. This user is of other sites outside of adwords ad you will see your products.

To start creating your remarketing campaign click on Google.

When you follow the steps in the order here for the display network, you will have created your first remarketing campaign.

At the end of the steps the given code to all your pages, you add the body part. Apply your site and get AdWords remarketing code as simple as that.

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