Reset Your iPhone

Described in this method is to return but also from only Jailbreak iphone when you want to reset your device is the method that can be used. That’s why I gave two separate titles.

Step 1: first of all take the airplane mode on your device. Link your phone to the PC and open the latest version of itunes. get your iTunes sees phone. Now we’re going to start bringing the phone into Dfu mode processing. Is the iPhone in DFU mode, software installation mode. DFU mode:

Turn off your phone. Power (on/off switch on top) press and hold 3 seconds, 3 seconds then press and continue to hold Home power (Middle round button) and press and hold down key wait 10 seconds 2. remove your finger from the end of the 10 seconds power keep holding down to only. iTunes will open and an alert window on your screen “iphone connected in Restore Mode” alert. If your phone is in DFU entered the fashion. Video of notation:

After you have finished All your processing in DFU Mode (if you want to go; Remove the usb cable from your device. Press the home and Power keys simultaneously until the Apple logo.)

Step 2: follow the instructions in the warning window, then (restore-Resume-Next-I agree with options) loading your phone with itunes latest version of IOS. You will see the loading bar in your phone. Everything is taking place between iphone and itunes. When first purchased your phone settings processes the last ios version installed with. Jailbreak has been removed, the device was reset.

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