Social Media Manager’s skills need to developed

The social media social media professionals should know where to go, new trends öngörebilmeli, our own brands from this prediction for how to provide competent in this plan and the next stage. In the face of emerging social media social media managers must develop the same rate. site social media managers to develop their skills in areas that need to be back here have:

Channel management: Newspapers, each electronic mail, social networks … A channel. Social media managers must know how to use all these channels. By adding new features and functions of social networks they are expanding the scope. How you can use each new feature and you need to learn the effects of your strategy. On the other hand, getting together all the social networks are beginning to meet a common point to resemble. Twitter is starting to look more like Facebook. Facebook is the Periscope and issued tools like Linkedin. Starting to look uniform. Each focuses on a social network video. All try to solve the differences between these social networks. And elaboration and refer to them. In this way you can create differences.

Customer service: All companies social media for customer service needs to know how important it is for a channel. When you type the name of the company in search engines today, he is a product of the firm raised a complaint about social media in the first place. Such a situation not only destroyed the reputation of the company as soon as possible the loss of customers and even to the point of stopping their activities. To do this, the importance of social media social media manager company should bring enough in language and social media support teams established customer support to be given to work, customer satisfaction at the highest level. But unfortunately still sos media channel through customer support many businesses are ignored. Social media needs to know well the methods of the customer team approach. The formation of this team of trained people is very important.

Content production: Content production, choose from the vast internet content within the framework of a specific theme for the brand by making a choice that’s meaningful and organized manner, work to offer job description in summary information/data, classify, organize, and publish the extract can be described as. Content production is a tool that affects the effectiveness of social media. A good content by making sales the can’t do any media exposure, recognition. Leave a negative impact a bad content can upset everything. That’s why content production is extremely important.

Videography: content although photo, text, music, video etc means everything is in recent years in the future as it looks to increase the trend to videos. All social media video monitor continuing frequently amazing figures. 70% of companies video is the most effective marketing tool of thought. Video follows the main brands for consumers needs to do is understand and resolve the needs of consumers. “How to” videos or viral or interesting videos will give you very good results. The videos are given to understand that users of the message quickly.

The videos played an important role in the promotion of the company, is seen however. All of these things to conclude successfully the social media experts need to be careful with details about video content.

Analysis: Does anyone know the importance of my analysis, however, the importance of social media analytics companies need to value the currently not allowed. Analitikler you’ll be thinking about each one. What, where, when to publish, how much should you pay to this publication and contributions to your business enables you to find answers to many questions.

Social media tools are no longer just didn’t like it and takipleşme of environments. Social media channel available in their own analytics tools (Twitter analytics, Youtube Insights, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics). Social media experts required to make use of these tools very well.

Digitalized world, web and is one of the up-and-coming SM Analytics profession. Probably in the near future, statistics, web analytics and SM marketing issues customer & can collate contacts will be in demand.  Take use redundant forms, web analytics as your specialization will benefit greatly.

Project management: Social media managers require skill to this last area is Project management. Project activities there are many different approaches to manage. But no matter what methodology was used, in general the objectives of the project, timeline, and a careful cost of Omar must be shown, participants of the role and responsibilities of the project should be determined. All the following social media managers for a week day job must conform to the list of projects, provides the specialization.

Probably a social media administrator log works is as follows:

  • Determining the contents of the day
  • Follow the news about İşletmelerle
  • According to master your social media strategy, create marketing campaign
  • Content sharing their work, curated by
  • 5 social networking being in connection with the user
  • Answering questions related to customer service
  • Ceo’s Periscope to organize the feeds
  • The next day the contents of the plan to make the social

All for a week, social media managers must conform to this list allows specialization in the management of projects. Project activities there are many different approaches to manage. But no matter what methodology was used, in general the objectives of the project, timeline, and a careful cost of Omar must be shown, and the roles and responsibilities of the participants of the project certainly overlooked.


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