How to find out what programming language a website is built in?

Quite often I come across a nice looking or functional website, and wonder what technology was used to create it. What techniques are available to figure out what a particular website was built with?

Beforehand,you could see file extensions in the url of the site. For example,
A url is written in PHP that site as/sayfa.php runs out,
If the URL ends with/sayfa.jsp JSP (Java server pages) written in Java.
If the URL ends with/sayfa.asp, ASP. Was written on the net.

However, nowadays mostly web applications is not like the above, you’ll see only a web page or category name in the URL, you can not see any file extensions in the URL’s. Even if the HTTP response headers, cookies, style-sheets and source comments may also give clues as in to which technology is being used in the website, there are amazing some nice tools for querying site details more accurately and precisely.

These tools (no doubt there are many more):

  • BuiltWith
    Builtwith is a very powerful tool to determine a site framework. Builtwith goes deep and throws you the more in-depth detail of a website including Server information, Content Management System, Framework, Advertising used, Analytics and tracking, Javascript libraries, Audio/Video media, Widgets used, Content Delivery Network, Aggregation Functionality, Document Information and Encoding type.
  • DomainTools
  • NetCraft
  • W3Techs
    W3Techs gives the complete detail of a website. The details include Website background, Content Management System, Server side programming languages, Client side programming languages, Javascript library, Mark-up language, Character Encoding, Image file formats, Site elements, SSL Certificate authorities, Social Widgets, Web server, Traffic Analysis tools, Advertising network, Domain, Language and Technology Score. The tool gives ultimate in-depth data of a website which is extremely useful for a programmer. This tools is also available as Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • SimilarTech

Firefox addons:

Chrome Extensions:


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